Mother of 8 Restores Smile After Surviving Cancer, Shares Her Journey On TikTok


TikTok Influencer Stacy Shares Her Dental Implant Journey

"I'm a mother of eight. At 30 years old, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer."

Soon after having my thyroid removed, I realized I was having a lot of problems with my teeth. I'm a mother of eight. Yes, I'm very young and I have eight children. Having children can affect your teeth, especially if you're not taking care of them regularly. That, alongside having thyroid problems for so many years, caused me to start losing my teeth unexpectedly. I went to the dentist because my teeth felt like they were just crumbling, simply from the inside out. [The dentists I had visited before ] informed me that I was either going to need to remove several of my teeth and get a partial denture or remove all of my remaining upper teeth and get a full upper denture.

Thyroid Cancer and Birthing 8 Children Took A Toll On Her Teeth. She Ended Up In Traditional Dentures

"One of my biggest fears when getting dentures was that my life was over or that somehow I would never feel beautiful again."

I realized just how little information and help there is out there for people who are facing getting dentures at a young age. I realized how many people were open and honest with their journey, but there weren't many. And because of that, I decided that when going through this myself, I would open up on social media so that other people, like myself, were able to get the help and the guidance they needed.

Watch the YouTube video to hear Stacey tell her story and see clips she shared on TikTok along her implant journey 

"Making the decision to get dental implants can be quite expensive."

Even when it comes to regular dental care, we all know just how unaffordable it can sometimes be. Thanks to the caring staff at Montclair Dental Spa, I was able to find a company who not only offered financing but offered financing for up to 12 years. This made things much more affordable for myself and for my family.

Dr. Blum Helps Stacey Document Her Implant Journey

"Having dental implants is going to give me my life back and is going to be the closest thing I will have to having my real teeth in my life again."

I embarked on a new journey of getting all-on-four dental implants here at Montclair Dental Spa with Dr. Moussa and Dr. Blum. I'll be able to eat things I wasn't able to eat before, and I will have a smile that I feel confident in, knowing that it is going to last a lifetime.


Dr. Moussa Examines Stacey After Dental Implant Surgery

Upgrading from traditional dentures to implant supported dentures is totally worth it. 

"Having traditional dentures is a step forward, but it's also just a step at being stuck."

Don't struggle with missing or failing teeth. Or suffer with traditional dentures. You can get your smile back with dental implants in Montclair Dental Spa. Personalized treatment plans and monthly payment options make a new smile easily within reach. Don't wait. Contact us today. 

Wondering About Your Teeth Replacement Options?

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Thyroid Cancer & Treatment Made The Situation Worse


Digital Technology In Montclair Dental Spa Facilitates Same Day Solutions


In House Lab & Exprienced Team Design Custom Smiles

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Each Solution Is Custom Tailored To Individual Patient Needs


Stacey Shows Off Her New Smile In A Selfie With Her Husband


Dr. Moussa Celebrates With Stacey On TikTok

Wondering About Your Teeth Replacement Options?

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