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 Our clinic offers immediate dental care with same-day appointments or within 24 hours to address your urgent dental needs.

We're available & conviently located for all dental emergency situations. Our experienced team specializes in emergency dental services, providing gentle, compassionate care in a comfortable setting.

We accept various insurances and offer flexible payment options, making unexpected emergency dental care affordable. We're committed to clear communication, and dedicated follow-up services. Your comfort and health are our top priorities.

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Emergency Dentistry in Montclair, NJ

Emergency Dental Services Near Montclair, NJ - Appointments Available Now

Dental Emergency at Montclair Dental Spa

Limited Emergency X-rays Are Taken During Emergency Dental Exam

Emergency Dental Services

Common dental emergencies include knocked-out permanent teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, and severe toothaches, often resulting from accidents, sports injuries, or decay. Immediate attention is crucial to save teeth, prevent infection, and alleviate pain. Emergency Dental Services can include the following:

  • Pain Management: Immediate interventions to manage severe dental pain
  • Tooth Extractions: Removal of teeth that are severely damaged or decayed.
  • Root Canal Therapy: Treatment for infected or abscessed teeth to save them from extraction
  • Repair of Broken Teeth: Using bonding, veneers, or crowns to repair and protect damaged teeth.
  • Treatment of Dental Abscesses: Draining abscesses, providing antibiotics, and treating the source of infection
  • Re-cementing Crowns or Bridges: Quickly addressing lost or detached crowns or bridges to prevent further damage.




Urgent evaluation to diagnose pain source. Personalized treatment plan for fast relief.



Immediate actions to stop pain and treat infections, ensuring comfort with rapid care



Timely surgical or restorative interventions to resolve emergency, restoring dental health.



Establish a dental home for regular check-ups, preventive care, and lasting oral health

Experiencing Severe Tooth Pain?

When experiencing severe tooth pain, it's crucial to avoid temporary home remedies or the high costs of ER visits. We specialize in providing immediate, comprehensive care for any dental emergency at affordable prices, ensuring you're not just out of pain quickly but also receive a lasting solution. 

Our top-rated oral surgeons and a full range of dental specialties available in one convenient location mean you'll have access to the best care without the need for multiple appointments.

With sedation options to ease your anxiety and a commitment to a comfortable, compassionate patient experience, Montclair Dental Spa delivers quality dentistry tailored to your needs and budget. Don't compromise on your care with temporary fixes or unnecessary expenses. 

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Kill Tooth Pain Instantly With ER Dental Care At Montclair Dental Spa

TOP Emergency Oral Surgeon IN Montclair, NJ

Led by Dr. Joseph Moussa and his team of top dental specialists, we offer same or next-day appointments for urgent care. Our office, a hub for all dental specialties, is known for advanced, compassionate patient care. Whether you need wisdom teeth removal, dental extractions, or implants, we provide comprehensive services under one roof. With flexible hours, a comfortable high-tech environment, and sedation options, we ensure a stress-free experience. We accept most insurance and offer flexible payment plans making us one of the most affordable oral surgeons in the region. Contact us to be seen today.

  • Emergency Oral Surgery
  • Emergency Dental Extractions
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Dental Implants & Teeth Replacement
  • LANAP Laser Gum Surgery
  • Sedation Options For Anxious Patients

Emergency Dental Extractions & Wisdom Teeth REmoval

If you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain or need a wisdom tooth extraction you won't find a more skilled team of "dentists that pull teeth."

Montclair Dental Spa, led by Dr. Moussa and his expert team, excels in emergency dental extractions and wisdom teeth removal. Specializing in both simple and complex cases, they often perform extractions on the same day, ensuring you don't wait weeks for relief.  Their office operates with convenient hours, patients are usually seen within 24hrs for emergencies.

Accepting most insurances, they strive to provide the most affordable costs for dental extractions, with or without insurance, complemented by various sedation options for a comfortable experience. Contact Montclair Dental Spa for fast, comfortable, and affordable emergency dental extractions.

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Dr. Moussa & Team Are Skilled At All Types of Dental Extractions

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Reviews For Montclair Dental Spa Emergency Care

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I came in on Super Bowl Sunday for an emergency abscess with excruciating pain and facial swelling, the Drs , team members & staff took me in on an emergency visit… healed up rested up def would recommend to others ty for your service 🙏🏽

Stephanie Wong

Montclair Dental Spa Google Reviews
imageedit   e

What an awesome experience. My crown broke late at night, I called their office at 8:30 PM on a Thursday night and someone called me right back and got me in for 10:00 AM the next day. The staff and doctors are amazing. I'm like many that hate going to the dentist and they made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I will be recommending them to all my family and friends. Thank you to the Staff and Doctors at Montclair Dental Spa you are the best.


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Had a painful emergency and the good people at MDS saw me quickly and took amazing care of me. Follow up has been the same. Great people, facility, care. Exceeded expectations

Jeff Prior

Montclair Dental Spa Google Reviews
imageedit   e

Amazing care! I have been coming for a year and had an emergency situation with a fractured tooth. They saw me right away were gentle played music, dimmed the lights to center me. Very affirming care and explained everything along the way and informed consent always even after I signed the forms. Highly recommend them and the staff is always friendly, respectful, and caring. 💜

Chanel Porchia

Montclair Dental Spa Google Reviews
imageedit   e

Doctor Moussa and his staff are angels. On New Years Eve, I cracked my wisdom tooth and needed emergency help. I was not yet a patient of Montclair Dental Spa, yet they saw me within an hour of my call, and the tooth was extracted immediately. I was scared and nervous, and the doctor calmed me, assuring me everything would be alright. He talked to me throughout the extraction to make sure I was alright. I’ve never been cared for so well by persons I had only just immediately met. This office and doctor have gained a client for life. I am grateful beyond words.

Anastasia S

imageedit   e

I had an emergency in the middle of the night with an abscess on my tooth. I called the 24hr line and spoke with an extremely professional person. They scheduled me the first appointment for the next day at their office. I arrived a few minutes early and was seen almost right away. The doctors and staff were all very professional knowledgeable and caring. They removed the abscess, the tooth and got rid of my pain. I will be making them my new primary dentist office. Thank you Dr. Mousa!!!!

Clyde Butler II

Montclair Dental Spa Google Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance do you take?

To ensure that emergency care is accessible Montclair Dental Spa accepts a wide range of insurance plans, including most PPO, HMO insurances, contact us to ask about Medicare programs and medical insurance. We help you maximize your benefits and minimize your benefits making unexpected dental expenses as cheap as possible. 


How much does a tooth extraction cost without insurance?

Without insurance, tooth extraction costs at Montclair Dental Spa are kept affordable. With a dedicated surgical center, in house lab, and team of dental specialists all in one location, we can perform even complex emergency care at an affordable price. Contact us for a quote and learn about our payment plans.


How soon can I get an appointment?

We offer emergency appointments within 24 hours, often on the same day. Our priority is addressing your urgent dental needs swiftly. However, if you are unable to reach us when your needs are particularly immediate, you may need to visit your local hospital.

Can I walk in?

While we require appointments, Montclair Dental Spa typically offers same-day or next-day care within 24 hours for emergencies. Although walk-ins are welcome, they may experience longer wait times. For the quickest care, we recommend calling ahead to schedule your appointment, ensuring prompt attention to your urgent dental needs.
Call us at (973) 744-1527, available 24/7, and tell us about your dental emergency.

Do you have payment plans?

Montclair Dental Spa offers payment plans via 3rd party lenders. Patients can easily apply online for financing their dental treatment. There are even programs for low credit. We strive to present affordable treatment options with flexible payment plans to ensure patients are able to fit needed care into their budgets. 

Will I get same day dental care?

Yes, we provide same-day dental care for emergencies, including extractions, prioritizing your immediate needs.

How soon can I get out of pain?

We offer immediate pain relief options to quickly alleviate discomfort, focusing on your swift recovery. Start with an emergency dental appointment to assess your needs. Contact now via chat, phone, or complete the form to request a call back. 


At Montclair Dental Spa, our experienced, dedicated team of professionals will work with you to determine the best treatment plans for your unique needs. We take pride in helping our patients achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more!